Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singapore - Day 3 and 4

Day 3, 4, and now 5 in Singapore can all be described in one word, rain. Wait, no, more like MONSOON! Day 3, Saturday, was not too bad as it would rain for a bit then stop and the rain wasn't too heavy all the time. But from Saturday night until Sunday around 4pm there was non-stop rain. Then from about 7pm Sunday till now, which is 9:15am on Monday, we still have nothing but heavy rain.

Have no worries though, the rain did not stop us from having fun and going crazy. Saturday started off with a fabulous brunch at this little place we found called artichoke (and yes, it is spelled with a lowercase "a"). We had the most delicious toasted banana nut bread with this honey glaze, homemade cream that tasted like a light fluffy version of french vanilla ice cream and then sprinkled with some walnuts. And of course to wash it down some organic champagne, but I added some orange juice to mine making it a delightful little mimosa. This place was absolutely fabulous and the decor was very cottage like. Give it another 5 or so years and you will probably see this resturant in the states. The first rains of the day started in while we were at brunch so Jay ordered a coffee and we waited it out. While doing so the owner, Ronnie, came to us and had a nice conversation with us about how we liked the food, the resturant, if we think something like this would do well in the states, and he began to tell us how he travels the world in search of food ideas for his menu to constantly stay on top of the competition. Like I said, give it a few years and there is no doubt that this wonderful little place will be in the states and be successfull at it.

After the rain subdued we walked around for a bit attempting to go to the casino, but once we realized that we did not meet the dress code in our shorts and flip-flops we decided it to make it the night time activity. After we made it back to the hostel we rested for a bit and then made our way back to the casino. Since it was raining (go figure) and it was a bit of a walk, we decided to get a taxi. Our taxi driver was quiet the trip! First off, he has lived in Singapore all of his life and has been a taxi driver for 26 years and is very unhappy with the government and how the run some of their operations. I am going to give some major kudos to Jay at this point for discretely pulling out his iPod Touch to video tape what the taxi driver said next. He told us about how young girls will get into the front passenger seat and want free rides so they offer him "sucky sucky" but he says "no! sucky sucky don't get you clothes or food. No sucky sucky!". It was hard to keep ourselves from laughing. He eventually dropped us off at the wrong location which resulted in us walking through some rain, but we finally got to the Marina Bay Sands. This place is one of the most elaborate places I have ever ever seen! And that is comparing it to Vegas! Check out their website at and you will see what the outside looks like and you will be amazed as well. The place basically looks like 3 elabortely nice buildings with the Titanic on top, which we found out is an infinity pool (wow!). Once we got into the building we found our way to the casino and entered. This casino looked like it came out of Vegas. Elaborate designs, floor tables and slot machines everywhere. We had quiet the night there. Well, Jay did. I am not a gambler, and not because I am not any good at it but because I really don't like it that much. I was there for moral support for Jay and lived through him while he sat at the roulette tables. To make a somwhat long story short Jay walked out with an extra $305. It was definitely a good night! We left the casino for a drink, on Jay of course, and then walked through the light rain to Little India where out is hostel and went to bed.

Sunday, Day 4, was nothing but rain, rain, rain. We were supposed to do a scooter tour that the hostel offers for free at 11am but that come postponed till about 5:30pm. Until that time we waited around at the bar across the street to watch some Austrailian Open! The scooter tour was about a 4-5 hour tour and was absolutely fabulous! We both wished we would have done this earlier, but nontheless we had an amazing time. I forgot how much fun scooters were! I am definitely going to make an investment in one when I get back! It rained basically the whole time and everyone was pretty soaked when we got back. Once back, Jay and I made our finals plans for Malaysia and then called it a night!

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  1. Thanks for the update on your adventures - even in the rain!