Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Arrival in Singapore

Jay and I landed safe and sound in hot and humid Singapore around 6:50am, which is 5:50pm eastern time. We took the train and then a nice long walk to the hostel where we checked in. We are cooling off and eating some breakfast before we head out and explore some more. The plane ride over was very long, as the flight from JFK to Frankfurt was 7hrs and then from Frankfurt to Singapore was 11 hrs. Singapore Airlines was not what we expected as the seats were cramped, the technology was was out of date and the food was okay. But we laughed it off and made it through. English is spoken here by just about everyone and all of the signs are in English as well, so this is a nice transition into the culture. We intend to be in Singapore for abour 4-5 days so be on the look out for some more posts!

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  1. You made it - Congrats! What a journey by buses, planes, trains, walks . . . and it only has just started. hugs