Thursday, January 27, 2011

Singapore Day 1

After checking into the hostel and freshning up for a bit, Jay and I wondered around the city while we waited for our dorm room to be ready and to see what this place is all about. We noticed that the city streets were not as crowded as we thought and the city was actually surprisingly clean with very little litter. We came across the Raffles Hotel which is an infamous hotel here. The floors and stairwells are laid in marble and the decor of the lush plants all around are remarkable. After wondering the hotel for a bit we continued on our journey towards the marina and found ourselves in the financial district which is full of skyscrapers and incredible architecture. I literally cannot even describe some of the buildings, only pictures would do. After sitting down for an amazing glass of sangria, we decided to wonder back to the hostel traveling a different path, in which we stumbled upon a Chinnese Street Market. The market was full of produce, knick knacks, people, and some interesting scents. We made it back to the hostel where we able to shower for the first time and then rested up for a bit before heading off to find some food. This unfortunately did pose a little bit of an expected difficulty due to my dietary needs of being a vegetarian. However, I would like to note, there are several resturants in Singapore which are noted as vegetarian only, but understanding what is on the menu is not so easy. But we finally got some food and now we are relaxing some before the night begins, and who knows where that will take us!

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  1. Yea sis!!! do it mitzner style on the other side of the world!!!!!